by landonlehman

Almost done with my second year of classes (I will be done by Wednesday).  I will probably sit in on some classes next year, but this marks the likely end of my formal coursework. Now research starts “for real,” which is exciting (and somewhat frightening)!

On the research side of things, a couple of my fellow graduate students and I just had a paper accepted for publication!

On the more formal, coursework side of things, I feel that I still have only a marginal grasp of quantum field theory. I want to work through Weinberg’s trilogy on the subject, but it is proving to be a very slow and arduous task. Perhaps by the end of this summer I will have finished Volume 1.  One of my goals for this year was to finish the entire trilogy, and that is looking unlikely unless I really pick up the pace.

Other books I want to read in the near future: QFT in a Nutshell by Zee and Dynamics of the Standard Model by Donoghue, Golowich, and Holstein. Also, a new book by Schwartz just came out that looks good.  Between reading and research I should have a busy summer!