Some quotes from reading

by landonlehman

“I don’t see any realistic prospect that anthropic or statistical selection arguments – applied to a single sample! – will ever lead to anything comparable in intellectual depth or numerical precision to the greatest and most characteristic achievements of theoretical physics and astrophysics, such as (for example) the prediction of electron and muon anomalous magnetic moments, the calculation of the hadron spectrum, or the enabling of GPS, celestial navigation, and interpretation of pulsar timing.”

“There is a danger that selection effects will be invoked prematurely or inappropriately, and choke off the search for deeper, more consequential explanations of observed phenomena. To put it crudely, theorists can be tempted to think along the lines “If people as clever as us haven’t explained it, that’s because it can’t be explained – it’s just an accident.” ”


from “Multiversality” by Frank Wilczek, available here.