Hi!  I am Landon Lehman, currently a fourth-year graduate student in theoretical physics at the University of Notre Dame, advised by Adam Martin.  I have a bachelor’s degree in physics along with a minor in math from Purdue University.  My research is currently focused on operators in effective field theories. I have also worked on LHC phenomenology, along with some cosmology. See my cv for a complete list of my publications.

My path to physics was not entirely straightforward.  When I started college, I knew that I wanted to do science, so I picked chemistry as a major.  I spent time working in a mathematics tutoring center and grew to understand some of the joy of doing mathematics through interactions with some math graduate students.  Eventually I decided to combine my love of science and my new-found enjoyment of mathematics by pursuing a physics major.  This change involved transferring to a different university, but it was worth it.

At Purdue University, I did undergraduate research in atomic physics with Dr. Elliott.  I also did research in mathematics with Dr. Mayboroda (now at University of Minnesota).

If you have good ideas for research, or want to collaborate on some project, just leave a comment on one of my blog posts. Also, you can check out my new website at https://landonlehman.github.io. I hope to transfer completely to the new site over the next couple months.