Hi!  I’m Landon Lehman, currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Physics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. I did my PhD at the University of Notre Dame, advised by Adam Martin, and completed my bachelor’s degree at Purdue University.  See my cv for a list of my publications.

I enjoy thinking about physics and mathematics. I’m currently teaching 3 formal classes at the college level, one informal class at the college level, and one high school physics class.

If you are a physics student, read this short story by Greg Egan: In the Ruins.

I have a PhD in particle physics, and I can write coherent English. If you have a technical writing and/or editing task, or just need some general physics consulting done, send me an email at “myfirstnamemylastname” at gmail.com and we can talk.

Some specific things I am interested in doing:

  • White paper writing and editing, especially for white papers dealing with technical or scientific topics.
  • Using LaTeX to professionally typeset documents.
  • Performing detailed calculations and providing necessary physics background for specific projects.
  • Mathematica programming. I am most proficient with Mathematica, but I can find my way around R for basic statistical analyses.
  • Estimation and general problem-solving.





  • I’m an employee of the State University of New York. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.